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fat is back.

full of good fats, low in sugar, and ridiculously delicious.

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fat is back.

meet the stars of the team.

why suzies good fats company bars?

the most ridiculously satisfying and delicious bar you’ve ever tasted!

healthy fats

health research says to include lots of healthy fats in your diet and stay away from processed ingredients, sugar, and trans fats.

no fake stuff

no artificial preservatives, colorants, oligosaccharides or lots of sugar alcohols*

1-3g of sugar

Sugar is everywhere - and so many snacks are loaded with sugar. Not our bars! You won’t get the insulin spike and cravings you get with sugar. 

natural wholesome ingredients

peanut butter, chocolate, nut butters, coconut and coconut oil, cocoa, dark chocolate, butter, and other good fats. 

feel fuller longer

good fats help you feel satiated and satisfied longer, so less of a need to snack

boost your metabolism

good fats give you energy, boost your metabolism, are great for your skin and are a super fuel for a smarter, sharper brain.

Suzie Yorke


I’ve always loved fats but for years, I avoided them and neglected good nutrition. I’m a mom and a triathlete and my body was not happy. I developed health issues.

So I’ve spent the last three years researching nutrition and figuring out the real deal about sugar and fats.

 This led me to create a ridiculously delicious line of snacks so that women can eat and enjoy good fats! 

why suzies good fats?


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